Oh, She’s a Colourful Lady

June Blake, and her garden, will feature in the September issue of the Royal Horticultural Society’s magazine, The Garden. And it will feature prominently with a photograph of the garden on the front cover. The magazine hasn’t arrived in the post yet but June’s son, Dara, has shown it on Facebook – advanced copies for […]

Abbeywood? Absolutely!

Those gardens which please one far beyond expectations always make for an especially enjoyable day. This is how it was with Abbeywood Gardens near Chester in England. It is not the biggest of gardens one might visit; it is not as well known as other gardens in the area but I enjoyed it far more […]

Behaving Pheasantly!

Pheasants are a pleasure of our garden but not without their drawbacks. We have had them for several years and they have become relatively tame, appearing on time each morning, when I go to leave out the hens, and give them some rolled barley. They are always within reach in the garden during the day […]

A Pointed Reminder

My garden fork grew legs the other day, took off and vanished on me. Several frustrating walks around the garden failed to locate it so I went to the shed to find a replacement – perhaps, Mary’s short-handled one or even the sprong which I will occasionally use for light digging when the fork goes […]

A Super Surprise!

Not much was expected from the visit; it was simply to purchase a rose which bore our granddaughter’s name but it became a most enjoyable day. Rosa ‘Olivia Rose Austin’ is what drew us to David Austin Roses near Stoke-on-Trent while we were on a garden visiting holiday in England and we expected our visit […]