Lafcadio Hearn Gardens, Tramore

IGPS  Munster organised a late season outing to the Lafcadio Hearn Garden in Tramore, Co. Waterford on Saturday, 15th October. There was a good attendance, reasonable weather, an excellent guided tour and a day that was enjoyed by all who attended.

Many thanks to Margaret McAuliffe who took on the role of  photographer for the day. If you would like to view a full album you can do so on the IGPS Facebook page and if you would like to read of the background story of this garden you can do so on the IGPS Blog.








A Visit to David Ledsham’s Garden – 9th March

It was a testimony to David Ledsham’s garden that we enjoyed it enormously despite poor weather conditions. We met with so many beautiful plants, so well cultivated, that is was a joy from beginning to end. Hellebore, trilliums and primulas were especially fabulous.

Here are just a few photographs of plants which caught the eye.

Primula megaesifolia

Primula megaesifolia

Polylepsis australis, fabulously shaggy bark

Polylepsis australis, fabulously shaggy bark

Narcissus minor with fritillaries

Narcissus minor with fritillaries


Many thanks to Maeve Bell for the photographs!

Munster Group Visit to Altamont Gardens, Feb. 2015