Nick Macer in Northern Ireland

Recently 70 IGPS members and friends were wowed with ideas for new plants for their gardens by Nick Macer of Pan-Global Plants when he spoke at Antrim Old Courthouse. Even better, almost all the plants he talked about were relatively hard and capable of surviving our winters outdoors.


Nick Macer with Neal Porteous and Victor Henry at Mount Stewart Gardens.

Nick Macer with Victor Henry looking at some of the wonderful plants at Mount Stewart recently

Nick Macer with Victor Henry looking at some of the wonderful plants at Mount Stewart recently

Nick was himself wowed by a visit to Mount Stewart where he was shown round by Neil Porteous, the Head of Gardens there; Victor Henry and Maeve Bell were lucky enough to accompany them. We saw fabulous autumn colour combinations in the Italian Garden, the autumn hues of the Sunk Garden, rare and unusual specimens including the tall, multi-headed Cordyline indivisa, and the new collections of ferns and Rhododendron maddenii.






Text and photographs from Maeve Bell. 

The Planters’ Seminar at Mount Stewart

About 30 IGPS members formed part of the audience for the Planter’s Seminar at Mount Stewart Garden, Co Down over the weekend at which Dan Hinkley, Roy Lancaster and Bleddyn and Sue Wynn-Jones talked about the special plants they have seen while exploring remote areas. As part of the seminar Neil Porteous, the Head Gardener, led a tour of the formal gardens which were resplendent with late summer colour, exciting plant combinations and a superb collection of salvias.

Text and photographs from Maeve Bell, Chairperson IGPS North. 


Neil Porteous, Head Gardener at Mount Stewart, leading a group in the gardens