The Hidden Horticuturists

The Hidden Horticulturists  Paddy Tobin  Book Review  June 25, 2019 When historic account is populated with individual stories it becomes real, all the more interesting and more accessible to us. Should we read of a First World War battle, with deaths in the thousands, we are duly shocked but should we be told of a young Lancashire […]

Cherry Ingrim – An excellent book!

The Cherry Man – A Fabulous Story!  Some books give more than they have promised. Some books promise much and give even more and these books are to be treasured for they are rare things, giving testimony, insight and understanding to the deeper matters of our world and our lives. “Cherry Ingram” by Naoko Abe is […]

Visit to Old Balloo House

After a cold wet week, the sun shone on Saturday 1st June for a most enjoyable visit to Old Balloo House and Barn, the adjacent homes of friends Lesley Simpson and Moira Concannon in the village of Balloo in Co Down. Fifty five IGPS members and more than a dozen of their friends thoroughly enjoyed […]

IGPS Munster Visit to Annes Grove Garden.

IGPS Munster organised a visit to Annes Grove in Castletownroche today. Annes Grove is the creation of the Annesley family and Patrick Annesley is the last of the family to care for the garden and the important collection of plants held there – rhododendrons being an especially significant part of the collection. Patrick has transferred […]

Visit to Seaforde Gardens, 11th May, 2019

Over 70 members and their guests enjoyed a sunny afternoon touring the gardens and grounds of Seaforde in the company of their owner, Lady Anthea Forde. The resident peacocks screeched at us as we started our visit in the historic walled garden enjoying the collection of trees and shrubs, especially the many species and hybrid […]

A Garden Can Be Anywhere!

A Garden Can Be Anywhere!  Paddy Tobin  Book Review  April 4, 2019 We live in an age of concern about the wholesomeness of our food, about the widespread use of pesticides and artificial fertilisers, about food miles, the use of preservatives, artificial additives and colourants. We are aware of the industrialisation of food production and processing, the erosion […]

Island Gardens – Book Review

Island Gardens  Paddy Tobin  Book Review  April 3, 2019 We attach a certain magic to islands, as we do to other remote natural areas – mountains, remote seashores and the like. We regard them as special places, places apart, places where we may be in more intimate contact with nature, places of beauty, of wildness, of ruggedness, […]

Monsters under Glass – A Review

Literally taken by the Venus Fly Trap.  Paddy Tobin  Book Review  March 7, 2019 The title was “Monsters Under Glass: A Cultural History of Hothouse Flowers, 1850 to the Present” and I misinterpreted it completely. I’m sure you, like me, might have expected something about glasshouse plants and their cultivation but I was wrong and it was nothing of the […]

Two Men Went to Mow – A Review

At the Cutting Edge!  Paddy Tobin  Book Review  March 12, 2019 Two Men Went to Mow: The Obsession, Impact & History of Lawn Mowing by Clive Gravett – A Review The maintenance of the domestic lawn has been portrayed for many years as a male obsession; man and machine in a co-operative striving to produce and maintain the […]