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Creating Magic in my Garden with June Blake @ Malone House
Dec 6 @ 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Creating Magic in my Garden with June Blake @ Malone House

June’s presentation will show how creating that magic moment is what gardening is all about. Sometimes a fleeting moment in spring when all the tulips are at their very best with perfect light creates that magic! Later it could be alliums, irises and other early summer plants. For her though, the real magic happens in late summer and early autumn when all the planning finally comes together with hundreds of various coloured dahlias which have been carefully selected according to colour actually works. It’s usually just a moment in time but it is magic!

June Blake began developing her garden at Tinode, County Wicklow about 20 years ago from an almost blank canvas. Extending to three acres, it has strong design, great character and is famous for its exquisite planting and use of colour. Jane Powers in her seminal book The Irish Garden wrote: “June Blake has created something like a piece of poetry…”.